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North Carolina Man Penalized For Paleo Blog

Well folks, in case you haven’t heard about this story yet, a man in North Carolina is being sued by the North Carolina Board of Dietetics/Nutrition for blogging about the paleo diet. In his blog, the man claims that the paleo diet helped him overcome his diabetes. In fact, he had been following the paleo diet for the months leading up to the time he started to notice reduced symptoms, and so he decided to share his experiences with the world.

Now, this site being a blog, I’m going to add my commentary here. I’m not going to say that I think everyone can cure their diabetes by following the paleo diet, but this man was simply sharing his experience with the world. If people want to take that as advice then that’s up to them. Chances are if you’re on a site about the paleo diet or are looking for a paleo recipe book, you’re a grown adult capable of making your own decisions. If you want to believe that the paleo diet can cure diabetes, then by all means do so.

As a fellow blogger, I take offense to the actions of the NC Board of Dietetics. The internet is just one of many mediums of free speech that we are guaranteed by the US constitution. If I want to get on my blog and say that unicorns are real, that’s my right. But just because I say so doesn’t mean that others have to believe it. More realistically, if I want to discuss paleo cookbooks, that is my right as well. I’m not making a recommendation based on any expertise, and I feel like I am upfront with everyone on that. I simply am saying, “hey this is a good paleo recipe book that I enjoyed, you might like it as well”. What’s so illegal about that?

Anyway I guess this guy is suing the NC Board of Dietetics right back, saying that they are infringing on his constitutional rights. I’m going to keep an eye on this story, you can bet I’ll make an update on this page with my commentary as the story progresses.