I’m an avid runner/weightlifter. I’m not going to act like I’m buff like Arnold Schwarzenegger or fast like Prefontaine. I’m just an average guy who enjoys breaking a sweat once in a while. But I got to a certain point where I sort of plateaued—this is a common phenomenon in the fitness world. Basically, in case you don’t know, plateauing is when you reach a certain level in your fitness that you just can’t seem to get past. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me, but then one day it hit me: my diet was poor.

Eventually I came across the paleo diet and figured I’d give it a shot since it involves lots of meats and vegetables, perfect foods for an active person. It turns out, the paleo diet for athletes is a great plan to stick to. If you start with paleo diet breakfast foods in the morning and paleo dinner foods in the evening, this is a great way to get your body the nutrients it needs to be fit. I’ll be honest, I’m pretty busy during the day so I cheat and don’t necessarily follow the diet for lunch. Oops!

Regardless, if you look at the foods in the paleo diet, they are very conducive to fitness. If you’d like to look at what kinds of foods you can cook and still stick to the paleo diet, you can click here for a great paleo recipe book.

I’ve felt healthier since starting a paleo diet routine, so I’d say so far the diet was a good decision.

The paleo diet is great for athletes. The trick is finding a good place to start and having a bit of guidance. If you get yourself a good paleo diet cookbook, you’ll have a good foundation for your diet and fitness. Combining the paleo meals in the book with an active workout program will no doubt help you feel healthier and lose weight.