Hi, Mike here, and welcome to my site! I just wanted to write a quick first post detailing what this site is all about and why I decided to make it. First of all, I am a military officer, so fitness is of utmost important to me. I know that staying healthy not only involves exercising but also eating well. I decided to try the paleo diet when I was looking up what diets are good for athletes; it turns out the paleo diet is great for athletes, since it combines healthy meats and protein with vegetables that are rich in nutrients.

The paleo diet is short for paleolithic diet and is sometimes referred to as the caveman diet. It has become very popular lately due to the “grassroots” approach to dieting that it takes. The problem with the diet is that it is hard to find info on paleolithic nutrition; I had the same question that you probably have: what foods are on the paleo diet?

On this site I hope to point you in the right direction in order to find some paleo dinner recipes and info on paleo cooking. I will review a paleo cookbook and also discuss a bit of my story as well. Please feel free to leave me a comment under each post if you are curious about anything. I wish you all the best on your dieting quest!